A new customer in based in Milton Keynes had emailed me asking for some help. He had rather awkwardly put diesel in the car and drove it for a while. The car was not happy and he returned it home, it was obviously running very lumpy

Finally got down to see the car. Fuel had been drained and flushed through. Pump was clean, worst case the carbs need removing and cleaning. As it happens it was the auto choke was was in need of a strip down and clean, the oily diesel made it rather sticky in there.

So with cleaned out carb bowls, checked ignition and timing, stripped the choke and rebuilt, the car fired up and after a few minutes settled and was running great. I decided to synch check the carbs and tune them up while I was there.

Two hours later, finished.

I will return in the New Year to service the brakes and repair the steering column.

December 19th 2020