Services Offered

I offer a vast range of classic car and motorcycle repair services from tow hitch installation, engine service to suspension and brakes, to full restoration all at the convenience of your home or place of choosing.

Car Servicing & Repairs

MOT Repairs

MOT failures can be a troubling and often very costly experience. I am experienced in complete MOT repairs to UK standards.

Full Vehicle Service

A full service includes oil change, filters and check of all essential lubricants and fluids. Ignition components, brakes, suspension and drivetrain are checked over for safe and/or efficient operation.

Engine, Clutch and Transmission

I can complete and repair most engines, clutches and transmissions of pre-1999 models. If the location permits I can also replace an engine.

Brakes and Suspension

I offer a full brake and suspension service and repair. Brake pads, rotors, shoes, shocks and struts, springs and bushes can be serviced or replaced by me.


I can diagnose and repair exterior and interior electrical problems, including lights, heating, starter, electric windows and all other common issues.

Bodywork repair including welding

I can offer bodywork repair, including chassis and panel welding. I can also arrange paint work at a suitable facility.

Interior work

Broken heater knob, faulty radio, damaged interior finishings? Pretty much anything interior related I can offer up a repair service.

Compound and Polishing

Restore that tired and faded paint. You would be surprised how a buff and polishing treatment can restore worn paint. Hold off on an expensive paint job and let’s see if we can buff it up. I can also restore fogged/faded headlamps to almost new condition.

Fault codes (OBDII)

Is your check engine light on? I have several OBDII code readers where I can pull up the codes, give you a report and offer you my repair services if needed.

Old Timer Restoration

I have restored many classic vehicles to a very high standard including Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Mercedes and Volvo.

Motorcycle Repairs

Full Service including all lubrications

My motorcycle full service includes oil and all filters being changes. Checking of plugs, ignition system and all lubricants and fluid. I will also check the suspension and braking to keep your motorcycle safe and efficient to use.

Clutch and Transmission

From clutch cable replacement to adjustments, to complete clutch overhaul. I also offer transmission repair including replacing the transmission if needed.

Engine work of all types

I can service and repair all motorcycle engines from a small single cylinder to the larger v-twins. I can also replace an engine if needed.


New pads, calipers, rotors, shoes and drums? Brakes feel spongy or finding them not performing as they used to? Let me check them over, repair and replace if needed.


Bike not want to start? Runs poorly or making unusual noises. Let me offer my diagnostic service and give you my experienced thoughts and solution to the problem.


Electrical issues including shorts and rotten wiring? Anything electrical related including installing additional electrical gadgets, let me help you.

Forks and suspension

Front forks feeling soft or bottoming out? Probably find your springs or fork oil is old and dated. I can fully service both the front and rear end suspension.

Paint jobs

I am a highly experienced painter and custom artist. Due to the size of a motorcycle I can often do the paint work on site or in my garage. Tell me what you had in mind? We can discuss a way forward.

Custom builds

Motorcycle boring and you are wanting something cool and a bit different? I specialise in bobber and chopper conversions. Spruce up that boring ride with an eye opening custom bike.

Fuel System Clean and Service

The difference between a dirty and clean carburettor is like night and day. With a dirty carb, your engine will run poorly and uneconomically. Let me clean it inside out with my sonic cleaner, and I will replace worn parts. Spend less at the gas station and enjoy a more responsive motorcycle.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Purchasing a classic car can be daunting and expensive, there are many sharks out there willing to part with their piece of junk for your hard earned cash.

I offer a pre-purchase inspection service. I will join you when viewing a vehicle and give it a full check over.

Let me give you a peace of mind before you hand over your money. It takes me approximately 60 minutes to check a car.

What I Cannot Do!

Due to the complexities of modern vehicles and their onboard computers, I cannot offer any diagnostics or engine tuning to those vehicles that require dealership software.

I do not replace tyres, however I am willing to take your tyres to a shop for replacement as part of the overall service.

I am not an emergency breakdown service. I highly recommend you become a member of a breakdown group.


Business Hours

Mon to Fri: 0800 to 1700
Sat: 0800 to 1300



Contact Info

Email: bob (at)
Tel & Whatsapp: 07516 098816


My Location:

Base: Burton Latimer, Kettering, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom